I was attending physical therapy after my total knee replacement. My physical therapist recommended that I go thru the BODYQ process. As a golfer and tennis player, I was anxious to learn of my body’s reaction to the testing in hopes of preventing injuries down the road. That’s just what I got, the trainer developed a custom program that included my golf/tennis playing.

Robert Hile

My physical therapist recommended the BODYQ. I’m so glad she did. I am still following the program that was developed for me.

Marilyn Kohn

I heard about the BODYQ through a friend of mine who also had one done. She was excited about the information she learned from it so I thought I would do it too. And I am so glad I did. I learned about my physical strengths and weaknesses. The exercise program that was developed for me is just what I needed. It’s fun too!

Kathleen Kapp

As a tennis player, I have suffered from sports injuries. I wanted to know areas that needed to be addressed and what to do to prevent further injury.

Jan Nowlan

I was hoping to get a comprehensive assessment of my physical condition from the BODYQ and that’s just what I got.

Tim Farley

BODYQ provided me an exercise program that made sense for me. I gave the information to my personal trainer and she was able to use that information to enhance my exercises.

Donald Reed

We know we are supposed to exercise but the BODYQ is a tool that shows you WHAT to do.

Sally Blackmore

I wanted to know my physical issues and how to address them. The BODYQ did that for me. Now I have a plan to follow.

Ada Trapanese

BODYQ testing was a rewarding experience. My deficiencies were pointed out as a result of the test, and I was given advice on how to improve these areas with simple home exercises. I would like to return again to see if my scores improve!

Dr. Braun Graham

BODYQ is a novel and informative process for determining your whole body health. Because it assesses posture, muscle tone, hearing, vision, balance and flexibility, everyone can learn something from this test. A trained FYZICAL® therapist will be able to identify at least one aspect that can be improved in each individual

Dr. Rhonda Deems

I saw a patient today who complained of leg pain. Normally, as an ENT physician, I would not have thought about his symptoms, but today, after taking BODYQ, I urged him to go to FYZICAL®. I told him I thought FYZICAL® would make a huge difference in his life.

Dr. Art Schwart

I wanted to do the BODYQ to provide a baseline of my physical condition and to determine areas that needed improvement. That is exactly what I got with the BODYQ. I continue to do the exercises that were recommended to me. I feel great!

Bonnie Bell